A peak down the rabbit hole...

Allow me to tell you a tale about monsters, dragons, and a little boy who was filled with life! His dad was an engineer at a nuclear power plant, which generated tremendous energy. Just like that plant, ever since he was young, he knew there was something that was different about him… he always felt this incredible energy and power inside – supernova energy within. The energy itself was incredibly exciting because it’s the energy that creates worlds! 

And as he attempted to express it, things started to go sideways. At every turn he was told to contain it, constantly hearing things like, “settle down”, “chill out”, and “PLEASE, control yourself”! 

This played out everywhere… at home, in school, at sporting events, and even from the priests at church!  No matter where he went, he was told that his innate energy as unacceptable by those around them…  something he had to tamp down, contain and lock away. 

He tried his best, yet there were always times when this atomic/nuclear energy got out…
Occasionally it was just when he was having fun and reveling in his bliss…
Sometimes it welled up when he saw someone, he cared about getting insulted or hurt…
Of course, the most tumultuous times were when he was challenged, put down, or attacked…

Because in each of these instances that big supernova energy turned into nuclear energy that had breached the containment zone. When it came ripping out people ended up getting hurt - emotionally, psychologically, and oftentimes, physically. 

Pretty soon, he labeled that energy inside
 as a “monster,” and that “monster power” was all the bottled-up anger, resentment, and rage that has been locked inside. He feared it because he knew that if he released it, he could hurt people.

When he saw the ramifications of this, he vowed to never let that happen again. He spent much of his life with a ‘scorched earth’ fear. 
Like the nuclear power plant his dad worked at, it required a lot of effort to contain and manage this energy, trying to make sure it doesn't rear its head… doing his best to make sure people don't get hurt.

The thing is though, trying to contain a nuclear reactor has its costs - because the energy has to go somewhere. When you try to contain the energy so it doesn’t explode externally, it goes internal and implodes, and you pay the price.

As the boy grew, that included plenty of physical injuries, breaking body parts, some carnage in his personal relationships, and plenty of financial wreckage along the way.

To overcompensate and make sure he didn't scare people, he diminished himself, his power, and his abilities… all to make others feel safe around him. Essentially, he spent his life apologizing for who he was.

That is until he learned to move from avoiding the monster inside and to seeing that energy as a powerful dragon that he eventually learned to ride.

As you may have guessed by now, the little boy in this tale was me, and this tale was the beginning of the training program for the work I share today.  

So, let me ask you this… do you have a monster locked up inside of you? 

Some supernova energy you’ve spent your life trying to manage, contain and apologize for? 

Have you turned it in on yourself, tearing your life apart on some level? 

Most importantly, have you committed yourself to find another way to dance with this powerful energy?  

Because if you have, then it’s time to set yourself free. 

If some part of you just screamed, “Damn right!”, here’s what you need to know… 

That energy that you probably demonized and named “the monster inside” is simply a potent life force. Rather than letting stay hidden away as a scary monster, threatening to destroy others or yourself, you can see it as a dragon that you can learn to harness and ride. 

Learning to move from “monster” energy and becoming a master dragon-rider is what allows you to unleash that energy and actually trust it and yourself with it. That’s what allows you to move from having surface-level success to experiencing your extraordinary impact. 

To release the ‘monster’ and learn to ride the dragon with honor, requires YOU to do. the. work. 

If you are reading this far then this must resonate with you.
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It's TIME to Set Yourself FREE!!!


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Dr. Lou Corleto

Was inspired to leave his career as a full-time practicing Chiropractor to serve the global community of humanity and continue his lifelong quest of uncovering the abilities of sentient beings to heal. This 35-year quest put him on all 7 continents and over 55 countries learning from the best of the best.