Refined By Fire
Firewalking Experience
Friday, Oct 13, 2023

Experience a paradigm shift


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Reflect on your life and discover who you 'BE' at your next level and using transformational tools to assist you in creating this new state of being is what we are all about.


Held in the foothills of the Cherokee National Forest.


Grow and evolve in a safe space with like-minded courageous people.

Fear is a powerful human emotion. I've found through my years of firewalking and teaching that fear can actually be
a great friend & teacher.
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From Lou & Lydie:

"Your transformation is personal.
Yet You’re not in this alone."



See what previous attendees have to say

"I cleared my mind of the fire, looked past it to the darkness that was open with possibility and I walked! When I got to the other side I squealed with delight. I felt so strong, and brave, again I don't know how. I was so amazing. It was transformative to see how this pile of hot, burning, flaming coals changed from such a fear source to a non-fear issue. What I took away from this experience to use in my life is to not ask 'how is that possible? but instead, say 'Yes it CAN be done".


"It's a night I will never forget. Every time I smell wood smoke for the rest of my life, I will remember the trees, the Milkyway, the moon, the cold, and the warmth of the coals on my feet as I became something else, someone else, someone braver, and someone who will unapologetically be me -a firewalker!" 

-Jolene R.

Don’t let fear take you out!
Take control of your life today.


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