Your IN-Depen-Dance Day

Celebrating Your IN-Depen-Dance

June 28th – July 4, 2020 Bimini, Bahamas

“You are the driver, not the vehicle. You are pure potential, light, and love.”

Allow Lou to re-introduce you to YOU.
As a Vitalistic ChiropracTOR, Certified High-Performance Coach, Certified Breatheology Instructor, Global Humanitarian Mission Leader, Speaker, Author, Adventurer, and Retreat Facilitator, Lou’s spent decades mastering the art of self-discovery, purpose, and healing to bring more consciousness and connection into the world. He’s here to help you do the same, if you’re game.

By In-Depen-Dance I mean... REAL Freedom, Authentic Security, Autonomy, Living in Congruence with YOUR true essence, the ART of Conscious LIVING... (and sooo much more)

IF this resonates deep in your soul then look to your right on this page and chose the financial option that works for you and register now.


Here’s what you need to know:

• Find out ‘Who You BE’ (Who Are You?)
• Uncover ‘Whatcha Got? (What will YOU take a stand for?)
• Charge forward with ‘Whatcha gonna do with it? (What will YOUR contribution to the world be?)
• Release fears and doubts
• Have a new sense of clarity, purpose, and joy

Here’s what you’ll get:

• 7 days of a fully immersed, exclusive, life-transforming experience with Lou, on a        tropical island (20 people total)
• Full accommodations, and guidance for travel information 
• Crystal clear Caribbean waters and sandy beaches
• 3 meals daily of nutritious alive food
• 40' Catamaran, Captain, Crew and an engaging pod of wild dolphins
• Facilitated body, breath, and conscious living sessions and exercises
• Action plans and agreements to be impeccable with your words and actions
• Table time and adjustments with Lou

“You are a spirit, driving a meat-coated skeleton made from stardust, riding a rock hurtling through space. What do you have to fear?”