Reclaiming Your Life

Reduce and or eliminate your medical expenses by incorporating the principles in this course.

Reclaiming Your Life!

Have you forgotten 'Who YOU Are'?

Have you forgotten what YOU're capable of?

Have you stopped feeling?

Have you lost your way?

Do you feel there must be more to your life?

Is your Health not where you want it to be?

In this course, you will remember "who you be". You will remember what you're capable of.
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You will learn:

  • That you are more than your circumstances
  • You are more than your physical body
  • You already have all of the tools within you to make the changes to alter your life.
  • You are the one you've been searching for!
  • You will learn to reconnect with your passion
  • Reconnect with your purpose
  • Heal from traumas
  • Regain and expand your quality of life
  • Decrease your medical expenses (possibly even eliminate them)

By the completion of this course and with your full engagement you will be standing in your power living from your heart with passion- reclaiming your life's purpose.

Your life is waiting


"Dr. Lou is a phenomenal trainer who will empower you to transform your life from poor health to wellness. His own story will inspire you beyond words. His genuine oneness with his audience will move you to wellness. Spending time with him is like taking a deep breath & being held as you are loved and transformed.

If you are serious about your health and the health of your family members take his awesome program. It will change your life forever.
Dr. Lou is a genuine, passionate speaker who will change your life. Is inspiring and humbling story will amaze you."
Yevette Ryan
Empowerment Expert

"I wish to sincerely thank you again for the opportunity to participate (or should I say immerse myself) in Designing Your Life. This is a truly transformational, full-immersion process. Your guidance and support through your carefully crafted series of solo and group exercises, ensured I always felt I was in a safe place in my journey. That safety supported me when most vulnerable, allowing me to be open to the possibilities of changes from within - the process of re-inventing myself. Abundant laughter, a few tears, deep emotional engagement, and the wild excitement of realizing the opportunities and possibilities with my inner freedom, all in a few days with a wonderful group of fellow participants, led by Lou and Lydie. We enjoyed a diverse group, from young adults through retirees - we could see your process working for each and all of us. "
Jess Harding -Banff, Canada