Dream Practice - Dream Life

Create the practice of your dreams serving your ideal members and live the life of your dreams by doing so.

I highly recommend Lou Corleto’s Dream Practice Dream Life program.  It is hands down one of the best decisions I have made for my practice and my life.  

I graduated school about 4 years ago.  During school, I knew that having a coach would be important for building and growing my practice.  Every pro-athlete and top performer has a coach and I knew I wanted one too.  I worked with two coaches before working with Lou and that has really been an amazing blessing because I am truly able to appreciate what Lou is bringing to the table and frankly, it is like no other. 

Dream Practice Dream Life provides a framework to model your practice that adds ease, profit and a greater impact on your community.  Since doing the program, my practice has grown and I am more aligned with my passion and my creativity has blossomed in new and exciting ways.  

Working with Lou has really helped me grow, personally and professionally, because he has a very loving way of helping you see and discover your blind spots.  For example, I didn’t really think I needed to improve my first meeting with a person but after working with Lou, I was able to see where I was disconnected in my communication and how to better express my self and connect from a place of love and integrity.  I found even the slightest changes, made a huge difference for me and whomever I was communicating with.  

Also, Lou truly shines in being there for you in the deep and dark places of blocks and weaknesses.  He actually has a very special gift of being able to stay present with you and help you go there and transform on a powerful level.  I have found other mentors may say similar things but Lou’s gift to truly walk with you through the process is transformational.  

Another thing I really appreciate about working with Lou is that he has very clear and clean boundaries.  He comes from a place of high integrity where he is truly there to serve you.  This is really important for me to work with someone coming from this place because personal growth is a place where you have to at some point be very vulnerable and trust the person that is helping you.

Lou truly excels at providing cutting edge info for marketing, communication and technology.  I found this info to be gold because the world is changing so quickly and he invests a lot in himself to continue to grow and learn and share through his programs.  I loved the info and I am really not sure who else is providing this info to the Chiropractic community.  

After the Dream Practice Dream Life program, Lou offers a ton of support through live webinars.  I found this webinars to be informative and important for the integration of the many facets of the program.  Also, I became part of an amazing community with the other people that took the program.  It was truly an amazing experience and I wish every Chiropractor gave themselves the gift of creating a dream practice.  If you have the call to work with Lou, I encourage whole heartening to answer the call.

Thank you,

Sura Al-Shibib, D.C.


As a new practitioner, I felt very unclear about how to effectively communicate with my people about care plans and chiropractic. Every time a new person came in, I had a new awkward song and dance. Dream Practice-Dream Life was exactly what I needed to take my practice and life to the next level.

Dr. Lou Corleto masterfully presents you with a template and explanation of flow, logic, and why certain things need to be done. Then you get feedback from him and the group as you add in your own language and examples and truly make it yours. This isn’t an icky, cookie-cutter, salsy script; it’s a way to articulate and enroll people in your vision and own more congruency in your practice and life. It works too!

Since the seminar, 100% of my new people are on the care plans that I never had the courage to present before. The beauty of the safe space Lou creates for you to open and share and the support after the week are exceptional".  Dr. Amanda Brickey