Delivering The Goods

"Delivering the Goods" with Dr. Lou Corleto is a life changing experience. Not only in a ChiropracTIC sense, but also in a sense of finding self. Lou gently challenges you to find out 'Who You BE' and gives helpful advice from his own history as to how to reach that level. Lou teaches easeful adjusting that is honoring to both the Chiropractor and the participant on the table. After seeing masterful adjusting and teaching from Lou it is obvious that his knowledge and skills go far beyond adjustive thrusts. Delivering the Goods empowered me to look at who I am as a chiropractor, student, and most of all a person.

-Joel Gripshover

The Delivering the Good’s Seminar, taught by Lou Corleto, is one of the most important seminars a Chiropractic student can attend. The seminar is an environment of presence, integrity and encouraging learning. During this seminar you will absolutely learn how to apply an honoring chiropractic force. More importantly you will see yourself will clearer eyes. Lou challenges you to ask the questions “Why did I answer the calling of Chiropractic?” and “How can I take myself to the next level?”
To put is simply: Show up, you deserve to find yourself in Chiropractic, the world is waiting.

-Jacqueline Segura

First, and foremost I would like to thank Dr. Lou Corleto for denoting his time to the future
chirpracTOR's that chose to spend the weekend with him. The space that Dr. Lou holds for
students over the entire weekend is truly something special. I have never been at a seminar
before that had the space set for such exponential growth. Before going to this seminar, I had
been doing some work to find out "Who I Be", but I always had a feeling that I was missing
something. In, one day with Dr. Corleto and the space that was held at this seminar I made a
huge step forward in gaining more consciousness on "Who I Be." For me, this was were I got the
most benefit right away. I have learned from many, but mostly from watching videos of Dr.
Pasquale Cerasoli that our capacity to serve is directly proportionate to how far we go into our
"inner work." Dr. Lou and what he brings as a chiropracTOR and amazing human being to this
seminar gave me a quantum leap to my inner work, and thus my capacity to serve people
through chiropracTIC! If you are looking for a seminar that will take your consciousness as a
human being to the next level AND take your skills
-Zack Thomas

The seminar at the ADIO house was perfect. I did learn some things about how to adjust, but this doesn't compare to everything else that you brought with you, to share. I'm in a very trying place in my life at the moment, and having the environment of love and honor that you helped us create was something that I needed. Thank you for living through the words that you speak and continuing to find passion and intimacy in this beautiful profession. Namaste.

-Jeff Baca