Conscious Breathing Crash Course

Conscious Breathing Crash Course

What is the first thing every human does on entering earth?  inhale
What is the last thing every human does before leaving earth?  exhale

In this Course, Dr. Lou covers:

In this course  Lou covers:

  • The anatomy and physiology of the respiratory process
  • The breathing mechanism- (mouth -nose-trachea-bronchi-bronchioles- alveoli)
  • Respiratory patterns and states of health
  • How to improve HRT- Heart Rate Variability
  • What our breathing patterns reveal about us (holding on or letting go)
  • Internal organ massage via deep breathing- healthier
  • Nerve system involvement
  • Cranial involvement and involvement in breathing
  • Fear, anxiety, and breath
  • And soooo much more...


Bonus module:
Lydie Ometto-yoga Instructor extraordinaire teaches:

  • energy circulation-nadis
  • pdf download of nadis
  • every 6 hours alternate nostril dominate like the tides
  • right side - male, sun day
  • left side- female, moon night