The Time is Now!


Last week we were diving in Cozumel and I walked by a couple of people and they were asking "Oh, you're going out to take pictures of the of paradise". And one woman waved like she was pretending she was crying. Then she said "Goodbye FAKE LIFE".

WOW, this was really important and profound and sad for her. But also remember that means most people have a life that they don't really enjoy. And they go on vacation, (vacate means to leave, escape) to enjoy this momentary brief life that they really love. And then they go back to a life they don't enjoy. Just think, this is most people. That's sad. And I was like this too many moons ago so I get it.
Stop it.

See this thing on my wrist called a watch. Those Tick Tick ticks isn't time going by, it's your life. Those moments that you'll never get back. What stops us from living the life of our full dreams is fear- is limiting beliefs- is lack. And that's on me that's on you if you allow that, to rule the day. There is no "someday" on the calendar. So catch yourself how many things do you have planned for 'someday'.  Someday I'm going to go there. Someday I'm going to do that. Someday I'm going to travel here, whatever it may be. There is no someday on a calendar. STOP lying to yourself.

It is TIME to get brutally honest with yourself. The life that you knew, is never coming back. The 'previous' way of living is gone. You need new strategies and new tools to navigate this new life that we live in. And in two months, it's 2022.

Take bold action, join me have the courage (with the support) to move through those old thought patterns and old limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in old ways of functionality that prevent you from stepping into that next level of your expression, and the joy that you deserve and desire. I'm going to cover what I call the eight core domains. So we'll tap into your spirituality, we'll tap into your the difference between a job and a career and a vocation. How do you give back to your community, your health will cover all these.  we'll uncover where you exist in these domains and what lacks and limiting beliefs are holding you back. we'll clean them up, clear them out, and you have a brand new canvas to paint from there.

Are you going to continue existing? Are you really going to step into fully living? No one has the promise of tomorrow? Are you living full out? Are you still waiting for someday?

The time is now we don't have the promise of tomorrow. So join me, January 21 to 23 in my studio. It's one of my quintessential courses called Designing Your Life.

Looking forward to seeing YOU January 21-23. 2022.

Until then...
Abundant Blessings