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#2- Reconnect to Your Spirit & Strength Series

 Look at them now!!!

Wow, what if they would have listened to the stories they were fed?

You might want to check this out.

Re-member in video #1 of this series we talked about 'Spring Cleaning' (your house-body mind and spirit)
Well, this one is a whopper.

Are you ready  Change your Story...
Change your life?

The Better, you know yourself...
The less you fear other people.
The less you fear yourself.

The more you TRUST yourself.

I invite you to join me on May 19-22, 2022 at my TAO-LIVING RETREAT, (The Art Of Living) where we’re going to really tap into your inner environment and eradicate the stories that work against your greatness.

We’re going to work on your psychology, we’re going to work on your physiology, so you are running full tilt to achieve the life of your dreams.

 Until next time...

Abundant blessings,


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The Time is Now!


Last week we were diving in Cozumel and I walked by a couple of people and they were asking "Oh, you're going out to take pictures of the of paradise". And one woman waved like she was pretending she was crying. Then she said "Goodbye FAKE LIFE".

WOW, this was really important and profound and sad for her. But also remember that means most people have a life that they don't really enjoy. And they go on vacation, (vacate means to leave, escape) to enjoy this momentary brief life that they really love. And then they go back to a life they don't enjoy. Just think, this is most people. That's sad. And I was like this too many moons ago so I get it.
Stop it.

See this thing on my wrist called a watch. Those Tick Tick ticks isn't time going by, it's your life. Those moments that you'll never get back. What stops us from living the life of our full dreams is fear- is limiting beliefs- is lack. And that's on me that's on you if you allow that, to rule the day. There is no "someday" on the...

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