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"Want to go fast, go alone.
Want to go far go together".
African Proverb

This series is to assist in re-awakening your mind, body, and spirit.

Are you clear when it's time to go alone?
Are you clear when it's time to go together?

Can you allow people in to assist you to go farther?

Can you show up to help others do the same?

Join us May 19-22, 2022 for TAO-LIVING Retreat so we can all go farther!

Until next time,

Abundant blessings


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Winter Souls Stuff Live Stream

As part of my community domain, I'll be giving back in one specific way by teaching a no-cost Live Stream event. This free event entitled- 'Winter Soul-Stuff' will be held tomorrow Tuesday, Dec 21, 2021, on the winter solstice.

I'm also sending a replay to everyone who registers to be able to go return to and review the content I'll be teaching that will change your life. So even if you can not make it live I'd still recommend registering to get the replay- it's the only way you can get access to it.

Join me For Winter Soul-Stuff Free Live Stream Training With Dr. Lou Corleto on Dec 21, 2021

  • I'll give you tools to be the creator of your life and not the manager of your circumstances
  • How to make it easier to feel good more often and how to make it harder to feel bad so easy.
  • The tools on how to learn to translate the messages of your body vs shooting the messenger.
  • and more...
Click this link to register now for free.
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